Helping Mothers

Our Background

Teenmom’s voice is legally registered as an all-inclusive, non- partisan, Non-Profit organization under the registration number INDR153584356NB, working to help/aid pregnant and teenage mothers with basic necessities and moral support, instiling hope and confidence through empowering and inspiring the teenage mothers with practical skills, working to prevent the overwhelming and increasing number of teenage pregnancies among others.

Teenmom’s Voice was prompted by the high rates of teenage pregnancies, a high teenage mother mortality rate, increasing number of school drop outs, the increasing spread of HIV/AIDS among teenagers, a high number of children mothering fellow children at a tender age and domestic violence among those forced in early marriage. Many teenage expectant mothers come from impoverished households leading them to trade sex in exchange for food, money, sanitary towels among other items. Younger teens’ pregnancies, in particular, are considered high risk because their bodies haven’t finished growing and are not yet fully mature. Teenage girls are more likely to have birth complication, dying in unsafe abortions and many dying while trying to give life.

Most teens enter parenthood unprepared for the stress a new baby brings, and many experience frustration, resentment, and even anger toward their newborns. Many of these girls are abandoned by the fathers of the children and they are faced with a responsibility of raising children while they are still children themselves.

Teenmom’s Voice exists to instill hope in these girls-to help them know that there is a life after giving birth. To remind them that they are loved and not forgotten.

Our Mission

To instil hope in the teenage mother through educating, empowering, inspiring and building confidence in her to ensure a better future for her and her child.

Our Vision

To ensure a better future for the teenage mother and her child.

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