Preventive Programs

These are programs geared to reduce the number of girls getting pregnant and the number of young people involved in early sexual activity. These activities include school outreaches, community outreaches to sensitize the girls, community leaders and general population on the dangers of early involvement in sex. These programs also address the need to keep girls in school since they too contribute to the economic development if allowed to access and complete their education.


Supporting Teenage Expectant Mothers

Many teenage expectant mothers suffer during pregnancy. When the time for delivery approaches, many do not have the necessary birth materials like cotton, gloves, mama kits, baby clothes among others. Teenmom’s Voice ensures that the mother is attending her antenatal care at a local medical facility, providing her with the necessary birth materials, food, baby clothes among others. We also offer Prenatal and post-natal classes to prepare the teenage mother for the practical side of parenthood. These classes address issues like child feeding, child safety, hygiene, and other basic baby care techniques.


Teen mom’s Voice helps rehabilitate, reconcile and resettle teenage mothers who have been sent away from home because they are pregnant. Many parents become angry, harsh and aggressive towards their daughters when they conceive and usually chase them away from home.

Teen mom’s Voice resettles these girls and reunites them with their families and conducts follow up meetings to ensure that there is harmony and ensure that the teenage mother is receiving the moral support she needs in her early\ journey motherhood.



Teen mom’s Voice works hand in hand with law enforcers to ensure that the perpetuators who rob these girls of a normal childhood are punished.

These are usually adult men who rape, impregnate and abandon the teenage girls and leave them to face the difficulties alone. We fight for the rights of the teenage mother


These programs address two categories of teenage boys. I. The teenage father who steps up into his responsibility as a father and does not leave the nurturing process to the teenage mother alone , attends antenatal with the expectant teenage mother and supports her where he might be able to.

These boys are mentored by responsible men in their community II. The boys who are not yet fathers. To sensitize them on the consequences of early involvement in sex, for example, early parenthood, HIV/AIDS, STIs among others.