Our Story

Teenmom’s voice is legally registered as an all-inclusive, non- partisan, Non-Profit organization under the registration number INDR153584356NB, working to help/aid pregnant and teenage mothers

Our Plan

Our preliminary plans to mitigate teen pregnancies include a series of public programs such as community/school outreaches, development of free informational and educational materials to teenagers

Our Mission

To instil hope in the teenage mother through educating, empowering, inspiring and building confidence in her to ensure a better future for her and her child.

What We Are Doing

Preventive Programs

These are programs geared to reduce the number of girls getting pregnant and the number of young people involved in early sexual activity

Supporting Teenage Expectant Mothers

When the time for delivery approaches, many do not have the necessary birth materials like cotton, gloves, mama kits, baby clothes among others.

Support to mothers who have given birth

This is done by skilling teens mothers with the necessary skills to enable them become financially independent and take care of their children

Resettlement Programs

Teenmom’s Voice helps rehabilitate, reconcile and resettle teenage mothers who have been sent away from home because they are pregnant.

Legal Aid

Teenmom’s Voice works hand in hand with law enforcers to ensure that the perpetuators who rob these girls of a normal childhood are punished.

Support to the Born Children

This we do by mobilizing baby clothes, food and child education sponsorship for the children at school going age.

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